YachtBot Web Showcase

Beat the best

Your competition won’t know what hit them

We’ve packed YachtBot Web with powerful features and analytic tools to take your sailing abilities to new levels. Yachts are plotted on a detailed map allowing you to see exactly what happened during a race. We also give you a multitude of simple to use tools so you can review, analyse and compare other interesting metrics including wind, heading, heart rate and audio.

Breakthrough Live Technology

Experience the action as it unfolds

Everything on YachtBot Web is live. Live data is fed straight into YachtBot Web so you can watch the action as it’s happening. Coaches can monitor athletes and give instant feedback during a live training session.

Live Technology

Get started in seconds

You won’t believe how easy it is

Setting up a sailing session is really easy. Simply set your start and end time, add a few yachts and buoys then share it with your friends. Viewing a session is similar to watching a YouTube video. It just works!


Sharing is so easy

You will want to share with the world

Invite coaches, friends and family to your sailing session or share it will the world. You can even post your sailing session on Facebook or your blog. With that said all data on our servers is highly secure, we only give access to the people you tell us to.


It’s Your Data

We don’t hold you back

We don't hold your data hostage. We provide tools to export your data to all kinds of formats including Training Peaks and CSV.

YachtBot Tracker

Lend your YachtBot

Without all the hassle

If your friend wants to go out sailing for the weekend you can jump on YachtBot Web and lend them your YachtBot device. They’ll have access to the data over that period without having to bug you for it.

Browser Support

Nothing to install

Everything you need, wherever you are

We don’t install anything on your computer; all you need to use YachtBot Web is a web browser. You can even access YachtBot Web on all the popular tablets and smart-phones.

Heard Enough?