About Us

Dunedin, New Zealand – Established in 2007 as Igtimi Limited, our core business is working with high performance water sports, focused on sailing and kayaking. Under the YachtBot brand we design and create bespoke hardware and software solutions to help coaches and analysts boost their athletes’ performance.

Our technology plays a key role in creating more engaging sports entertainment, drawing in larger spectator crowds, and capturing the imaginations of TV and webcast audiences around the world. Many of our customers – like the Extreme Sailing Series, Volvo Ocean Race, or X-Cats Powerboat Racing – use our products to create their own 2D and 3D animations of live sporting events.

Like the YachtBot Web App, these custom applications use the Igtimi API for data and user group management. Learn more about the cloud-based development system that lets you deploy live data applications to market faster.

Igtimi Limited was acquired by Riedel Communications in 2019.


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