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Dunedin, New Zealand – Established in 2007 as Igtimi Limited, our core business is working with high performance water sports, focused on sailing and kayaking. Under the YachtBot brand we design and create bespoke hardware and software solutions to help coaches and analysts boost their athletes’ performance.

We pride ourselves on making easy-to-use technology. It's our goal to bring self-serve GPS tracking into everyday sports – to enhance audience involvement and grow the sports globally.

Our technology plays a key role in creating more engaging sports entertainment, drawing in larger spectator crowds, and capturing the imaginations of TV and webcast audiences around the world. Many of our customers – like the Extreme Sailing Series, Volvo Ocean Race, or X-Cats Powerboat Racing – use our products to create their own 2D and 3D animations of live sporting events.

Like the YachtBot Web App, these custom applications use the Igtimi API for data and user group management. Learn more about the cloud-based development system that lets you deploy live data applications to market faster.

That's Us


Co-founder, CEO and part tech whizz, part graphics designer, part coder, part business, part product designer, part …


Co-founder, tech whizz, system architect and pusher of limits when 2D isn’t enough. Beat Dean Barker sailing a couple of times back in P-class.


Loves the snow, bikes, golf, and cricket. Enjoys trying to solve the hard problems (as long as there is coffee).


Web and App guru and car lover. Loves reproducing obscure software bugs and then squashing them.


Office Administrator who loves her Allpress Coffee with half and half. Passionate about her Family History/Genealogy and enjoys going for walks in nature.


Magic hands for building hardware. Looks after production of our beautiful products. Horse owner, marine creature enthusiast.


Resident engineer, master of CAD (cardboard aided design) and the only employee who actually owns a sail boat.


Technically unqualified Android dev. Loves a good gumboot tea, and anything outdoors. Current reigning champion for the Igtimi AOTW.


Front end guy. Always looking for that sublime solution. Happy to be distracted with tea, politics or football.


We're always interested to hear from motivated, fun, and talented folk who are interested in working with us. Get in touch!

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