This is the Privacy Statement for Igtimi Limited and Affiliates (as defined below, collectively "Igtimi" or "we" or “our”). An "Affiliate" is an entity with Igtimi in its name that, directly or indirectly, controls, or is controlled by, or is under common control with, Igtimi Limited (where "control" means ownership of fifty percent (50%) or more of the voting stock of corporate entities, or an equivalent interest for non-corporate entities).

We respect each individual's ("you" or "your") right to privacy. This statement outlines how we may collect, use, transfer and safeguard your personal information and applies to any personal information collected by Igtimi from any of the sources described in this Privacy Statement from time to time. To protect your personal information, Igtimi does not sell, rent or trade your personal information unless outlined in this Privacy Statement.

We may change, modify, add or remove portions of this Privacy Statement at any time. We will notify you of any changes by posting notice of such changes on an Igtimi website or by sending notice via email. Unless you withdraw your agreement to this Privacy Statement by following the process outlined in this Privacy Statement, you are agreeing to this Privacy Statement and that Igtimi can collect, use, transfer and disclose your personal information for the purposes described in this Privacy Statement by: (a) agreeing to this Privacy Statement, or (b) using an Igtimi website, good or service. If at any time you are disagree with a term or condition of this Privacy Statement, please: (i) discontinue using Igtimi goods and services; (ii) cease providing information to Igtimi; and (iii) follow any instructions as may be provided from time to time explaining how you may close your Igtimi accounts.

It is important for you to understand Igtimi and Igtimi's products and services in order to appreciate what personal information may be collected and how your personal information may be used. Igtimi Limited was founded in Dunedin, New Zealand in 2008 and designs, develops, manufactures, manages and/or supports a range of electronic hardware, communications technology and software systems, including a variety of GPS telemetry solutions.

Our goods and services typically are complex systems, or are part of a complex system involving customers, suppliers, distributors, resellers, offices, contractors and business partners located throughout the world. Our goods and services may include (without limitation, subject to change, from time to time) the goods and services described on .

Our customers may include businesses and/or individuals. In certain situations and/or areas of the world our goods and services are sold indirectly through distributors and resellers etc.

Purpose of Collection and Possible Uses of Personal Information

The information you provide to us, including any personal information, may be used in relation to any of the following contexts:

  • the marketing and sale of goods and services, or providing information associated therewith, to you, or the organisations to which you are associated.
  • the development and/or modification of our goods, services, websites, contents and marketing, which may include (but not be limited to) recording your movements on our websites.
  • respond to your inquiries and requests.
  • generating statistics, reports and conducting market research etc.
  • the performance of our many business activities from time to time including (without limitation) to the: (a) operation, financing and governance of our business, (b) building and distribution of our goods and services, (c) sourcing of goods and services from third parties, (d) issuance of invoices to suppliers and customers, (e) making, collection and administration of payments, (f) generation and assessment of reports, (g) creation, maintenance and protection of our intellectual property, (h) negotiation, performance and enforcement of our contracts, (i) legal and contractual obligations of our business; and (j) recruitment.
  • our suppliers, licensors, partners, alliances, sub-contractors etc. whose goods and services we may incorporate, sell or support.
  • our distributors, resellers etc. who may market and sell our goods and services, or incorporate them within their products and solutions.
  • credit agencies involved in your purchases of goods and/or services (please note that we do not store your credit card details unless you consent to us doing so, however you may be required to provide your credit card details to the agencies involved in performing credit card purchases – we intend to only use agencies who are PCI compliant for performing credit card purchases of our goods and services).
  • public postings – such as public training sessions, newsgroups, forums, wikis, blogs etc.
  • informing you about third party goods and services which we think you may find interesting if you tell us that you wish this to happen.

We may also collect and use non-identifying information in the assessment and improvement of our goods, services and websites and in relation to marketing and investment analysis. We may share this information with reputable third parties, but only in aggregate statistical form that includes no personal identifying information.

Collection of Personal Information

We may gather personal information from a variety of sources including (without limitation, subject to change, from time to time):

  • directly from you through any form of interaction between you and Igtimi and its personnel, including (without limitation) information provided by you: (a) verbally, (b) in writing, (c) electronically, (d) using Igtimi goods, services, software, websites etc.
  • indirectly from: (a) our distribution channel; (b) our partners, licensors, alliances; (c) credit agencies; (d) governments; and (e) other customers or users.

If we receive personal information about you from another person or organisation (for example, another user of Igtimi goods or services), we will assume that they have obtained your permission to provide us this information.

Other situations

The future may involve a sale, purchase, merger or other restructuring of all or part of Igtimi globally or in relation to one or more location. If such a transaction were to occur, Igtimi would seek appropriate protection for any personal information of Igtimi customers or users that may be disclosed pursuant to such transaction. If Igtimi uses subcontractors in relation to to personal information collected and/or used on Igtimi's behalf, Igtimi would require the subcontractors to handle all information in compliance with this Privacy Statement.

Use of Cookies & IP Addresses

A cookie, also known as an HTTP cookie, web cookie, or browser cookie, is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user's web browser on their computing device containing data regarding the user's activity on that website which may be retrieved and used by the website when the user next views that website using that web browser from the same computing device (for example, a website will know from a cookie whether the user is logged in or not, and under which account, the outcome of which will determine whether the website displays the login screen or another webpage). Cookies may also allow us to provide a better service to you because we can enhance and personalise our websites and analyze our website traffic patterns. The web browser you use may allow you to stop cookies from being saved. Please be aware that if you do not allow cookies to be saved in relation to the use of Igtimi websites the website may not function fully including (without limitation) you may not be: (a) automatically recognised when you re-visit the website, (b) able to perform purchases through the website; and (c) be able to use any non-public websites (i.e. parts of the website that require you to login).

If Igtimi websites log your computing device's IP address the IP address may be linked to your profile or other information about you for the purposes described in this Privacy Statement.

Children's Information

Igtimi does not target goods and services to children, and we do not knowingly collect, use or disclose personal information about children under the age of 13. If a parent or guardian becomes aware that his or her child has provided us with personal information without their consent, he or she should contact us. If we become aware that a user is under the age of 13 and has provided us with personal information without verifiable parental consent, we will delete such information from our files. If you are an organisation submitting information on behalf of an individual then you must obtain each individual's consent to provide personal information about them and if the individual is a child you must obtain that child's parent or guardian's consent to provide personal information about that child.

Public Postings

If you share personal information public site (for example through a public training sessions, newsgroup, forum, wiki, blog etc), you may be making that information available widely to anyone observing that site. If you consider information to be personal and not for public consumption then we'd suggest that you avoid sharing such information to sites available to the general public.

Security of Your Personal Information

Igtimi information storage systems are designed to protect data from: (a) loss, (b) unauthorized access, use or disclosure, and (c) alteration.

How to Contact Igtimi regarding this Privacy Statement

Please contact us in one of the following ways if: (I) you have any questions regarding this Privacy Statement; or (II) you wish to withdraw your agreement to this Privacy Statement (please note that if you withdraw your agreement to this Privacy Statement, your accounts may be closed and information removed); or (III) if you believe that any personal information we are holding about you is incorrect or incomplete and you cannot access our websites to update such information:

Igtimi Limited
Level 2, 1 Dowling St,
Dunedin, 9016,
New Zealand

Email: info[at]igtimi[dot]com

This Privacy Statement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of New Zealand.