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Event Management

  • Using YachtBot can help streamline your event management process and communication, allowing your team to stay informed with live race status and boat positions.
  • Tools to help set courses, using the live wind and Mark Set boat tracking
  • Live event promotion tools
  • The post-race replay tools help with protests and dispute handling.
  • Race archiving, keeps your events relevant for longer.


  • Promote your sailing online with the live race viewer
    • Online live promoting events to an audience to meet your viewing goals for sponsorship
  • Make your event engaging for your spectators through social media tools.
    • Automated social media tools, twitter, Facebook
  • Promote your sailing through television media
    • Virtual eye

Using the best!

The YachtBot team have had years of experience with event tracking and have tracked events such as the 33rd Americas Cup and the inshore Volvo races.

If you want the confidence of knowing your event tracking is in the best hands, we can come and take care of the tracking for you.

YachtBot can also be used with Virtual Eye to provide an option for LIVE 3D graphics for the web or television.

If you are interested in these levels of event coverage please contact us directly