What you need

Use YachtBot for Performance Training

Traditionally the debrief process involves reviewing hand written notes and relying on the sailors memory of the events.

YachtBot allows these debrief sessions to be more effective, by having an instantly accessible view of the training session, showing buoy positions, wind direction and boat interactions. Sailors don’t need to believe what the coach says; they can see it even before they are dry.

Remote coaching

The session viewer allows for notes taken by the coach to be viewed by the sailors, even if they are on a different continent.

YachtBot uses the latest technology to help you train more effectively. Using the YachtBot GPS tracker with the YachtBot viewer will...

  • Improve coach effectiveness
  • Train smarter to sail faster
  • Gives you instant access to data for the whole training team, including analysts

Why use the specialist YachtBot Hardware?

Ease of Data Access

  • Live data is transmitted using the cellular network.
  • All data is recorded during the day for alternative manual upload.
  • Your coaches and sports analysts have immediate access to the data

Increases Athlete Compliance

  • Strap the YachtBot to the boat and get started.
  • One button and no configuring required.
  • All Day Battery Capacity, with more than 14 hours battery life, the YachtBot will last you all day.

Purpose Built

  • Waterproof, The YachtBot has been designed to withstand even the toughest of sailing environments.

The YachtBot system has been really beneficial for the work we do with high performance sailing. The immediate access to data and the integration of multiple signals into a single platform has greatly streamlined the feedback of information to coaches and sailors, as well as opening up new ways in which we are able to use the data.

Simon Pearson Performance and Technique Analyst, HPSNZ