Tracking your club days will:

  • Increase family involvement, by watching the racing from home
  • Safely run your regattas, by watching the racing from race control
  • View your racing on the big screen in the club house

Tracking your training will:

  • Increase the learning potential of the sailors
  • Help the sailors understand tactical racing
  • Keep the learning going off the water

How can your club start using YachtBot?

Download the free YachtBot Mobile app, from Google Play or Apple iTunes, onto your phone and just go sailing.

Here are some frequency asked questions by clubs and members, along with guides to answer them.

Club Organiser FAQ

My club has keel boat racing each Wednesday night… How can the boat owners share tracking data from their smart phones so the club can show live racing in the club house?

To get started create a club account and use this guide.

Club Member FAQ

Our club hasn’t set up tracking yet. How can I watch my children out sailing so I know what time they are heading into shore?

To get started create your account and use this guide.

At Royal Brighton Yacht Club we have used other tracking services but they have not been suitable for us for week in, week out club racing. With YachtBot, the ability for club members to use their phone as their tracking device, plus the ease of use of the software and affordability of the offering makes YachtBot the perfect tracking solution for us.

Eric Wegman General Manager, Royal Brighton Yacht Club, Melbourne